vsmSNAP is a budget control option that concentrates around crosspoint control in a video router using a vsmSNAP pushbutton panel. vsmSNAP pushbutton panels can control 3rd party gear directly and without a VSM server involved, addressing small "crosspoint switching only" applications. When connected to a VSM server, each vsmSNAP panel acts as a regular VSM panel.

vsmSNAP panels are available as rackmounted version with 17, 34 and 51 pushbuttons and as a 32 pushbutton desktop version. The panels talk router control protocols natively and are able to process simple router control logic without a VSM server involved. vsmSNAP panels are easily configured by the Windows-based vsmSNAP software. It is possible to run multiple vsmSNAP panels in the same network and connect them to the same 3rd party device. For control, vsmSNAP supports the most common control protocols natively, e.g. Leitch, Pro-Bel SW-P-08, or nVision.



  • Budget crosspoint control on a video router with a single hardware panel
  • Independent and autonomous control solution
  • No VSM Server needed
  • Works also as regular VSM panel when linked to a VSM server
  • Connect multiple panels to the same 3rd party device
  • vsmSNAP panels available in four different sizes
  • Supports the most common protocols

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