Lawo's V__remote 4 is designed to provide a onebox-solution for all the requirements of video and audio signal transport and processing in WAN-based remote productions. It includes everything from Video-over-IP coding to various monitoring and processing tools. All designed for one purpose: to provide a tool that increases the fl exibility of any broadcast application, while saving valuable rack-space, set-up time and production costs. With its virtual cabling capability, V__remote 4  immediately brings IP infrastructure advantages and cost savings, providing an unparalleled degree of fl exibility and scalability.

Remote production for realizing tomorrow's visions already today.
With the performance and maturity of today’s IP network technology, video-, audio- and control-over-IP are becoming the solution of choice for many applications. In remote live production, which is increasingly regarded as one of the next major steps in the evolution of broadcast production, IP is becoming a fundamental requirement. Getting reliable, low latency and high-quality video from venues back to studios at reasonable cost is an absolute necessity for this.
The Lawo V__remote 4 is the ideal tool for achieving this vision of IP-based remote broadcast production today. The device combines a bi-directional, four-channel Video-over-IP interface, four local SDI inputs and outputs, along with all the processing tools usually needed when contributing video and audio via WAN or LAN to a broadcast production. 

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