RƎLAY, from Lawo, is bringing something new to broadcasting: the Virtual Radio Mixer.

RƎLAY is a powerful mixing console that runs in a virtualized PC environment. No racks of gear to devour space and money – RƎLAY Virtual Radio Mixers run on a standard PC or laptop. The intuitive, multitouch-enabled screen interface makes RƎLAY easy to use.

RƎLAY is great for grab-and-go remotes,too. Why send a voice feed back to the studio, when you can take the studio with you? RƎLAY “Radio In A Bag” bundles include your choice of VRX4 4-fader or VRX8 8-fader Virtual Mixer software, an OnAir 4 audio I/O interface and a heavy-duty backpack; you supply your favorite laptop (touchscreen suggested) with Windows® 7, 8 or later.



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