The compact MADI router for mid-sized studios

The are some tasks that require the complete works, a comprehensive solution, the full program. Yet there are other challenges where total flexibility is actually not necessary – challenges centred around one specific task.

That’s the principle behind the Nova29 – the Lawo router that gets straight to the point. Specifically, this means that the Nova29 is the perfect router for up to a maximum of 16 clients. A network centre, based on MADI technology, universally applicable, and at a very attractive price.

Standalone or networked - a perfect solution

Up to 16 consoles on one router.
Do you have multiple broadcast studios and want to be able to react flexibly to future challenges? In that case the Nova29 is the perfect solution for you. It enables the connection of up to 16 MADI clients within a broadcast centre, be it mixing consoles or external equipment. The Nova29 is the ideal standalone solution, whose 1024 x 1024 I/O can be switched transparently, making it perfect for the transfer of proprietary formats, such as Dolby® E. Thus, the Nova29 is a universal router, adapting perfectly to the requirements of modern, mid-sized broadcast facilities.

Homogenous broadcasting facilities – with the seamless interconnection of all elements.
Today, the focus lies not only on individual products, but on comprehensive, networkable solutions that create perfectly integrated systems. The Nova29 makes this requirement a reality. Used together with Lawo’s broadcast consoles, you can create an exemplary networking homogeneity for up to 16 participants. The result is a broadcast facility in which every component relies on the same logical elements, thereby guaranteeing the best possible integration. The advantage: many highlights of Lawo’s mixing consoles can now be used across all products. You are no longer working with single components but on a comprehensive, fully compatible platform.

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