The MADI.SRC enables the highest quality real time sample rate conversion of a complete MADI stream (64 audio channels), with excellent audio quality. The device supports all source and destination sample rates from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz, for all MADI formats (48k/96k Frame, 56/64 channels).

Inputs and outputs are provided as optical connectors (SC multi-mode), and work in parallel; both outputs carry the converted input signal. If required, the input and output signal format can be converted from optical to coaxial or vice versa by using the SPLIT.CONVERTER.

Synchronisation can be achieved via Word Clock or AES3id (AES11), Video Reference (PAL and NTSC), the MADI input signal, as well as an internal clock.

By activating the innovative Split Mode, inputs and outputs can be used in combination to allow for the conversion of more than 32 (@ 96 kHz) or 16 (@ 192 kHz) channels, depending on the SRC's setting.

With its bidirectional mode (‘2-way’), the MADI.SRC offers the possibility to convert the sample rate simultaneously in both directions with just one unit. This mode allows sample rate conversion of up to 48 channels in one direction and 16 channels in the other - so this feature is perfect for applications where not all available inputs and outputs are required.

The MADI.SRC offers the highest standard of reliability by the use of two phase-redundant power supplies; power inlets and switches are on the rear panel. For easy remote access, the MADI.SRC features a USB port, which allows for remote control via Windows software.

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