LAWO Zimbabwe



RƎLAY, from Lawo, is bringing something new to broadcasting: the Virtual Radio Mixer.

RƎLAY is a powerful mixing console that runs in a virtualized PC environment. No racks of gear to devour space and money – RƎLAY Virtual Radio Mixers run on a standard PC or laptop. The intuitive, multitouch-enabled screen interface makes RƎLAY easy to use.

RƎLAY is a complete Virtual Radio Mixer, with the professional tools you need, from voice processing to mix-minus, built into its intuitive multi-touch-enabled interface. With RƎLAY, you can build an entire broadcast studio on a single touchscreen PC. Host a full-featured 8-fader Virtual Mixing Console (with an intuitive, multi-touch interface), using RƎLAY VRX8 software, on the same PC that hosts your playout system, software codecs, streaming encoders, and other studio tools — or install RƎLAY on a multi-touch laptop and pair it with a portable OnAir 4 audio interface to create a complete remote kit that fits in a backpack. A 4-fader RƎLAY VRX4 version is also available; perfect for production stations or journalist kits.



And because RƎLAY takes advantage of today’s insanely powerful modern PC platforms to mix broadcast audio, there’s plenty of processing power left over. Using a variety of plug-in apps from RƎLAY partners, RƎLAY virtual mixers can actually take care of broadcast chores that a traditional console would require extra rack-mount hardware to perform.

RƎLAY is great for grab-and-go remotes, too. Why send a voice feed back to the studio, when you can take the studio with you? RƎLAY “Radio In A Bag” bundles include your choice of VRX4 4-fader or VRX8 8-fader Virtual Mixer software, an OnAir 4 audio I/O interface and a heavy-duty backpack; you supply your favorite laptop (touchscreen suggested) with Windows® 7, 8 or later.